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SF State Faculty Grants - Program Suspended for 2011


Past Faculty International Development Grant and Curriculum Internationalization Recipients:

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

2001 Faculty International Development Grants

  • Luiz Barbosa, Sociology , Crossing Borders: A Global Sociological View on Immigration
  • Johnetta Richards, Black Studies , Blomefontein, South Africa /Politics and Community
  • Yim-Yu Wong, International Business, A Longitudinal Study of Managerial Values in Difference Cultures Using Both Western- and Eastern- developed Measures

2002 Faculty International Development Grants

  • Adam Burke, Holistic Healing, Cross-Cultural Views of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and the U.S.
  • Karen Holmes, Cinema, Re-photography and Text on Screen in Red Rust/White Silk
  • David Matsumoto, Psychology, Emotion Recognition and Intercultural Adjustment
  • Ana Valenzuela, Marketing, The Cross-Cultural Aspects of Brands as Signals
  • Lena Zhang, BECA, Have the Traditional Mass Media Extended Their International Scope Through Online Interactive Media: An Internet BBS Content Analysis Approach

2003 Faculty International Development Grants

  • Jeffrey Bury, Geography & Human Environmental Studies, Globalization, Mining and Migration in the Andes: A Proposal to Enhance International Education and Research at San Francisco State University
  • Carolyn Fong, Nursing, Historical Development of Nursing, Nursing Education and Nursing Practice in the United Kingdom as Compared to the United States
  • Hamid Khani, BECA , Thanks for Listening to Me: Promoting the Culture of Dialogue
  • Gary Pahl, Anthropology, An English/Chinese Dictionary and Guide to Chinese Archeology
  • Anabel Pelham, Gerontology, Building Bridges with European Master's Degrees in Gerontology
  • Qingwen Xu, Social Work, Understanding International Social Work: Conversations Between American Social Work Educations and their Chinese Colleagues

2004 Faculty International Development Grants

  • JoAnn Aviel, International Relations, International Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Christy Lao, Elementary Education, The Acquisition of Chinese Characters: A Study on the Effect of Recreational Reading in Chinese
  • Barry Levine (Computer Science) /Arek Goetz (Mathematics) - joint project, A Distance Education Project Supporting the Affiliation Between SFSU and the American University of Armenia

2005 Faculty International Development Grants

  • Santhi Kavuri-Bauer, Art Dept, Project: Mixed Memory: Hindu-Muslim Heritage
  • Daniel Meier, Elementary Education Dept., Project: Promoting Cross-cultural Exchange in Preschool
  • Alejandro Murguia, Raza Studies Dept., Mexican Border Postcard Research

2005 World in the Classroom: Curriculum Internationalization Incentive Award

  • Deborah Cohler, Women Studies Dept., Course Internationalized: WOMS 552 Lesbian Lives & Thought

2006 Faculty International Development Grants

  • Carlos Baron, Theater Arts, Documentary Film of Theater Tour & Exchange Program with Chile
  • Trevor Getz, History, The Apartheid and Civil Rights Struggle Learning Objects Project
  • Mi-Sook Kim, Kinesiology, Stress and Motivation Among Sport Participants
  • Pamela Le Page, Special Education, Comparing Teachers View on Morality - Turkey/U.S.
  • Katherine Naff, Public Administration, Realizing a Representative Bureaucracy in the Republic of South Africa
  • Miriam Smith, BECA, The Spirit of Folklore: Brazil
  • Yanchun Zhang, Economics, China 's Gender Wage Gap: a Myth?

2006 World in the Classroom: Curriculum Internationalization Incentive Award

2007 Faculty International Development Grant Recipients

  • Michael Anderson, Classics, Pompeii: Archaeological Excavation and Field Work
  • Yanan Fan, Secondary Education, Border Crossing without Crossing Borders
  • Weimin Zhang, Cinema, The Last Days of Beijing's Hutongs

2007 Curriculum Internationalization Incentive Award

2008 Faculty International Development Grant Recipients

  • Richard Festinger, School of Music and Dance, Research on the composition and orchestration techniques of the French Ecole Spectrale, with applications to teaching and creative work.
  • Jocelyn Clare R. Hermoso, Department of Social Work, Weaving the Threads of Peace: Bringing in a Gender Perspective to Peacemaking
  • Mina Kim, Department of Elementary Education, Emerging Multiculturalism in a Culturally Homogenous State: Looking for Voice, Diversity, and Acceptance in South Korea
  • Lynette Landry, RN, PhD, School of Nursing, Nursing Global Migration: An Exploration of the influences of the Work Site on Migration
  • Mary Leech, Department of Geosciences, Fieldwork in the Indian Himalaya in support of student research and course development
  • Abdiel Onate, History Department, “The Upstart Other”: Mexico. The Spanish Civil War, and the League of Nations, 1931-1939”
  • Jae H. Paik, Department of Psychology, Early Childhood Mathematics Education(ECME) and Preschoolers’ Performances in US., Korea, Taiwan, and Peru
  • Jun Wang, Department of Health Education, A Comparative Study of Integrative Medicine in China and South Korea
  • Nicole Watts, Political Science Department, Osman in Office: Jurdish Mayoral Politics in Turkey

2008 Curriculum Internationalization Incentive Award

  • Jo Tomalin, Department of Theater Arts, The Joy of Phonetics: The International Phonetic Alphabet for Actors

2009 Faculty International Development Grants:

  • Peter Biella, Anthropology, Maasai Migrants Field School in Applied Visual Anthropology
  • Ali Borjian, Elementary Education, Living and Learning Abroad: Experiences of Young Teachers
  • Ashok Kumar Das, Urban Studies and Planning, Responding to the Ravaging: Coping with and Learning from Indonesia's Mud Volcano Disaster
  • Hsin-Ya Liao, Counseling, Face and Help-Seeking Among Asian/Asian Americans
  • Candida Madrigal, Social Work, Internal Armed Conflict and Displacement in Colombia : The Experience of Women
  • Philip Prinz, Special Education, International Perspectives on English Language Learners: Cross-linguistic/Cultural Approach to Language Difference and Language Disability
  • David Grant Smith, Classics, SFSU Digital Recordings and Photography Project – Himera Necropolis , Sicily

2009 World in the Classroom: Course Internationalization Incentive Awards:

  • Hsiao-Yun Chu, Design & Industry, Product Design II: Engaging with Course Material
  • Jason Henderson, Geography, Transportation around the world: An Exploration of international transportation
  • Dianthe "Dee" Spencer, Music, Brazilian Jazz: Bossa Nova and Beyond

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SF State Presidential Awards for Fulbright Scholars

To encourage faculty who are ineligible under the sabbaticals or difference in pay leaves to apply for Fulbright grants.

These awards are paid professional development opportunities. The amount of the award will vary according to the rank and circumstances of the scholar. Awards may be for one or two semesters, consistent with the terms of the Fulbright Scholarship.

All tenured, and tenure-track faculty

-Awards are limited only to faculty who receive Fulbright Scholars grants.
-Awards are intended to encourage faculty to apply for Fulbright Scholars grants in years which they are not eligible for regular sabbatical/difference in pay leaves.

Open. A letter of application, vita, complete copy of the Fulbright Scholars application, and copy of notification of award of the Fulbright Scholars grant must be submitted to the Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.

For more information: (SF State)
- OR - (General Information)

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