Completing Your Study at SF State

"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."
Henry Miller, American writer

Congratulations!  You are graduating!  Here are the things you need to do/know before departing the U.S.:

60-Day Grace Period

The grace period for Spring 2018 graduates is from June 4, 2018 to August 2, 2018.  If you do not wish to apply for OPT or continue your education in the U.S., you must depart the U.S. by August 2, 2018.  If you wish to attend another school in the U.S. you must request your SEVIS record to be released to your new school by August 2, 2018.   See Transferring to Another School.

On-Campus Employment

You cannot work on-campus beyond June 3, 2018.  Please give your on campus employer your notice in advance.

Apply for Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT)

If you are graduating and are interested in applying for OPT please follow the instruction here.  If you are travelling after graduation you must submit your OPT application before you leave the U.S.

Transfer to another U.S. School

If you plan to transfer to another U.S. school, please follow the SEVIS transfer out procedures so OIP can release your SEVIS record to your new school.  

Pay Your Bills

Pay any outstanding campus financial obligations such as tuition, housing fees and library fines.  Pay parking fines if you receive tickets.  Logon to SF State Gateway and see if you need to pay anything before you leave.

Final Walk-through

If you live off campus you probably paid a security deposition to your landlord to cover any damage done to your apartment. A walk-through will help you and your landlord agree on if your landlord should keep any of your security deposit.