Estimated Registration & Fee Schedule for F1 Internatioanl Students


International students in F1 Student status must enroll in and complete a full-time course of study at SF State each Fall and Spring semester in order to maintain legal status in the U.S.  Full-time course of study means 12 units for Undergraduate students, and 8 units for Graduate students.  F1 students are not required to enroll in any classes during the Summer or Winter sessions - Summer and Winter sessions enrollment is optional. 

Tuition is paid one semester at a time.  We recommend new international students to pay tuition while they are still in their home countries to avoid delay of class registration and/or late fee.  The amount of the tuition should cover full-time enrollment.  For example, if you are an undergraduate student, you should pay $7,698 to cover 12 units.

Below is a current tuition chart for Undergradate, Graduate, and MBA/MSA students.  Students are advised to visit Busar's website for the most current information on tuition, registeration fee, and important deadlines. Busar's website also provide a list of payment methods. 


Number of Units Tuition Cost
Full-time status is
12 units
 $          7,698.00
$372 per additional unit 
13 units  $          8,070.00
14 units  $          8,442.00
15 units  $          8,814.00
16 units  $          9,186.00


Number of Units Tuition Cost
Full-time status is
8 units
 $          6,843.00
$372 per additional unit 
9 units  $          7,215.00
10 units  $          7,587.00
11 units  $          7,959.00
12 units  $          8,331.00



Number of Units Tuition Cost
Full-time status is
8 units
 $        10,075.00
$626 per additional unit 
9 units  $        10,701.00
10 units  $        11,327.00
11 units  $        11,953.00
12 units  $        12,579.00

Please note that tuition cost include local registration fees and non-resident tuition and are subject to change.