Diversity Abroad

The Office of International Programs is committed to supporting all SF State students to study abroad, regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or other forms of diversity. Students who study abroad from SF State reflect the student population on campus.

Program Selection & Disclosure

In selecting a program, students should first consider academic fit and program requirements. Then, students may want to consider additional environmental components, such as cultural norms and facilities available. All students will be evaluated on program eligibility, such as academic fit, GPA, class standing, and overall application. Students may choose to disclose personal information at any time in the process; however, this information (regardless of when shared) will not be used in selection.


Consider What You Will Need

  • In preparing to study abroad, it is important to think about what physical and emotional support you will need.

  • Will you need specific accommodations, facilities, services, medications, and so forth?

  • Where and how will you find this information?

  • Should and will you disclose to the Office of International Programs or the host university? 



The Office of International Programs and Study Abroad Advisors can help you in considering the environment abroad and discuss resources available as well as work directly with the university overseas on your behalf.

For students with disabilities, MIUSA: Mobility International USA provides information for students with learning and physical disabilities. SF State’s Disability Programs and Resource Center is a strong supporter of students studying abroad and great resource. Inclusion International: Advocates for people with intellectual disabilities.

For LGBTQ students, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Rainbow Special Interest Group offers information and resources. NAFSA is the professional organization for people who work in study abroad and other parts of the field of international education.