Advising for Study Abroad

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Students are required to select an academic focus for their time abroad: major, minor, upper division GEs, and/or language acquisition. Academic advising for study abroad begins when a student starts his or her application, and continues throughout their overseas experience.

Application Advising

During the application process, students are required to find out what courses they need to graduate. Students are advised to consult with his/her major, minor, and GE advisors for advising and approval. Sign offs on overseas coursework, however, are not required until after nomination to the program.

Students should consider their goals. While it is not required to have specific courses signed off at this time, it is recommended that students do the research to ensure that they are applying to the correct program.

Course Substitution Advising

After acceptance into the program, students are again required to meet with an academic advisor and review possible course substitutions they may take while abroad. Currently, this is still a paper-based process where students must meet with an advisor in person and fill out a paper form.

Students should come to advising prepared with course descriptions of potential classes they would like to take abroad.

If you have any questions about units or the process, please contact us at

While Abroad

During study abroad, we encourage students to stay in contact with their advisors in order to reassess course schedules as needed and to know how to contact their advisor from abroad via email.  After study abroad, we again encourage students to meet with advisors. 

For additional details, please review student’s Academics for Study Abroad.