Study Abroad Alumni

You have returned from one of the most memorable experiences!  And we know that the hardest part sometimes is coming home. 

SF State Abroad is thrilled to welcome you back, and we want to hear all about your time abroad; the good, the bad and the ugly!

A great opportunity to continue your international experience in San Francisco is to (re)connect with the International Education Exchange Council (IEEC), as there are hundreds of you returning feeling excited, homesick for your home abroad, struggling to reconnect here, or just want to meet a great group of people. 



  • Join IEEC on Facebook! Find the current group by searching IEEC plus the current semester and year.
  • Post your amazing photos, blogs, videos, etc. from abroad on the Study Abroad Facebook group or using the #SFStateAbroad hashtag on Instagram!
  • Remember it takes at least a semester for your grades to appear on your SF State transcript, be sure you have all approvals for coursework you took abroad.
  • Consider going abroad again! SF State undergrads can study abroad up to four semesters with careful academic planning.  Apply now!


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Connect Internationally at SF State:

-  IEEC on Facebook or mailing list (

-  Request an International Buddy from IEEC

-  Study Abroad alumni on Facebook

-  Study Abroad Alumni group on LinkedIn

Coming Home Resources:

Lessons From Abroad: A Returnee Conference (Bay Area)

Cultural Adjustment

The Cross-Cultural Library

Cross Cultural Training Bibliography

Reverse Culture Shock (SUNY Buffalo)

Reverse Culture Shock  (Evergreen State College)



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Go Abroad Again!


SF State students may study abroad up to four semesters! Go for another semester or even a year...

Consider exploring your major/minor in a different country! Reapplying is easy as we can reuse some of your previous application!  Speak to a Study Abroad Advisor for details. 

Summer in South Korea


We have a special program that study abroad alumni have priority: a summer in Korea! This a great, low cost program for students who wish to take Korean language and culture courses. Furthermore, the University of Seoul has been generous enough to give discounts to our students.



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Graduate School Abroad

If your goal is experience graduate level education abroad, you will want to consider studying abroad first as an undergraduate as it will give you an opportunity to experience to educational system and even see the institution. SF State offers a few graduate level study abroad opportunities. Please speak with an advisor for details.

When looking at graduate schools abroad you will want to reach out to the department to which you are applying to and the international office as you will need to learn about the academic and visa requirements for an international student.  You will want to find out if they are require any standardized tests, provide funding, opportunities for internships/ research, faculty you would work with, percentage and where recent graduates found jobs, and anything else you want to you. 
You should also consider speaking to your professors here for advice and see if they have any international colleagues. 

Work Abroad

Teaching, volunteering, interning, and working abroad often appeals to study abroad alumni and is a great way to gain additional professional experience. Before packing your bags, you will need to do a lot of research to find the right opportunity for you. Consider what type of work experience you are looking for and will you be volunteering unpaid?  Are you going to find this opportunity on your own or go through an organization? What format will you need to write your resume or CV in for a specific country? 

As you consider working or volunteering abroad, visit the SF State Study Abroad Office after you study abroad to work with an advisor on highlighting your international experience and skills that you acquire abroad on your resume and cover letter. You will then need to tailor it to the specific country's format. 

Follow SF State Abroad on Facebook and Instagram, along with checking out our website as we will update you about opportunities, such as the Lesson's From Abroad Conference in the Bay Area (great place to learn about working abroad and getting your resume reviewed), Peace Corps representatives on campus, and more...