Transfer Students


Planning as a Transfer Student:

Transfer students may apply to study abroad as early as their FIRST semester at SF State, which involves you applying to the university and study abroad at the same time noting the different deadlines. Students may apply after they have begun at SF State to go abroad any term they are enrolled as a degree seeking students, including their final semester. However, it is highly recommended to come in and learn about the process and plan as soon as possible regardless of the term abroad.

The SF State Abroad Office is happy to work with you before and after you transfer.  Please feel free to come into the office as soon as possible as well as email us at

When you are ready to create an account and apply, please email the following information to first and last name, email address, and date of birth so that we can create a temporary number for the purpose of applying for SF State Abroad.

To get started as a SF State Abroad Transfer Student, please complete the Registration Form here.