Study Abroad Language Options

Study in English

Students may pursue their major, minor, and general education requirements abroad in English. Every major at SF State has at least one option students can make degree progress abroad in English. The majority of programs offered are taught in English. For program details, please search the SF State Abroad Program Database.

Learn or Improve Another Language

With 1 semester of university-level language before departure, students can spend a year learning a new langauge during their sophomore, junior, or senior year in:

Spain, Mexico, China, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, and Japan

With no pior language knowledge, students may learn a new language in addition to taking courses in English:

Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Ghana, and South Africa

Study in Another Language

Students with 4 semesters or more of university-level langauge before departure can take major, minor, and general education classes in another language and request that each class by awarded credit from the Foreign Languages Department and their major, minor, or general education advisor.

Options for students who speak: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.