Information/Fact Sheet for SF State Exchange Partner Institutions

State Exchange Programs Institutional Contacts:

Contact Person


Contact Details

Noah Kuchins


Head of Outbound Mobility

Always address the following to Noah:

  • Agreements, balance inquiries, potential partner visits, partnership exploration, conference meetings and all other parntership related issues.



Tel: +1. 415.405.3735



Contact Person


Contact Details


Alaric Trousdale, PhD



Head of Inbound Mobility

Always address the following to Alaric:



Tel: +1.415.338.1293


Lily Ferris

Exchange Student Advisor

Always address the following to Lily:

  • SF State completed host applications
  • University promotional materials



General Email Inboxes

Outbound Exchange:

Inbound Exchange:

State Exchange Programs Advisors

Janelle Waldrep, Ed.D.

Outbound Study Abroad Advisor for:

Africa: Ghana

Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam 

Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Russia, United Kingdom

Middle East: Israel, Turkey

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Coordinates transcripts, host applications, and acceptances for her programs. Handles logisitcs for partner visits. Also, she is the CSU IP Coordinator. 


Tel: +1.415.405.4253


Geoffrey Fattig

Outbound Study Abroad Advisor for:

Africa: South Africa

Americas: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico

Asia: South Korea, Thailand

Europe: Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary,  Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Coordinates transcripts, host applications, and acceptances for his programs.


Tel.: +1.415.338.1362


SF State Exchange Programs Director

Marilyn Jackson, Ed.D. 

Director, Office of International Programs

Tel: +1.415.338.3317



Nomination and Application* for Inbound Students

Fall 2021 Nomination Form

Fall 2021 Application Instructions

*Application materials will be sent to partners as an email attachment. Please contact if you have not yet received the application materials.

Information for Incoming Exchange Students

Important Dates

Fall 2021

Spring  2022

Nomination Deadline

Application Deadline

March 25, 2021

April 1, 2021


Academic Calendar

Fall 2021 Spring 2022

Mandatory Orientation*

*Students should plan to arrive 1 week prior to orientation.



Final Exams

December 11 - 17, 2021

May 14 - 20, 2022

Program Information

Exchange Student Website


English Requirements

Students must verify one of the following test scores: iBT 61, IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 500 OR a Faculty/Staff recommendation.*

*Students attending a university where the official language of instruction and on-campus correspondence is English are not required to submit verification of English proficiency.

Form: English Proficiency Recommendation Template

Full-Time Course Load

Students must take a minimum of 12 units course work per semester (up to 3 units may come from online courses). 

Visa Information & Post-Acceptance Procedures

Newly Accepted Students

Health Insurance

Students must purchase SF State recommended health insurance.

Contact Information

Exchange Student Advisors

Application Documents*

*Updated application materials are sent to partners via email biannually.

· Completed Application Form

· Documents verifying Declaration of Finances 

· Academic Motivation Essay

· Document verifying English Language Proficiency

· Official Academic Transcript

· Copy of Passport Biographical Information Page 


In order to apply for a J-1 visa, prospective exchange students must demonstrate an ability to support themselves financially for the duration of their studies. Accepted proof of funds include personal bank statements, grant / scholoarship letters, and sponsorship letters.

Form: Sponsorship Letter Template


The specific amount of funding students must demonstrate can be found in the following table:

Estimated Costs (USD)

Fall 2021 (1 semester) Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 (2 semesters)

Books & Supplies

$519 $1038

Meals & Housing

$8468 $16,936

Transportation & Personal Expenses

$1851 $3702

Health Insurance

$910 $1820


$11,748 $23,496





Please note that we cannot guarantee on-campus housing to incoming exchange students. Students may apply for on-campus housing directly at Additionally, we provide resources for how to find off-campus housing via the online pre-arrival orientaiton.


Work Opportunities

On-campus Employment

Past exchange students have worked as technology, teaching, and research assistants, as well as for on-campus vendors.

Academic Training

Motivated students in good academic standing who satisfactorily meet all exchange program requirements may pursue off-campus work or internship experience, provided it compliments the student's field of study. Academic Training may be conducted either concurrent with or following the student's program of study.


International Education Exchange Council (IEEC)

"The mission of the IEEC is to promote international education, to assist in the internationalization of the SF State campus, and to bring students of all nationalities together in a spirit of cooperation. IEEC sees international exchange as an invaluable way to strengthen ties across boundaries of nation and culture."

As part of their J-1 visa requirements, all exchange students become active members in IEEC.