Invite Family Members to the U.S.

The information below is designed to provide you with some suggestions on how you can assist your family member(s) preparing for B-2 Visitor’s visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy in their home countries. 

If you are a full-time F-1 student and plan to bring your spouse or child to stay with you in the U.S., see F-2 Dependents for instruction.

Visit the local U.S. consulate or embassy' website and follow visa application instructions. Your family member(s) may need to submit the proof of your current F-1 status in the U.S. as part of their supporting documents - the proof of your F-1 status include photocopies of your I-20, passport, and I-94 arrival record verifying you have entered the U.S. in "F-1 student" status.  You can also provide an Enrollment Verification to prove that you are indeed a full-time registered student at SF State.

Providing family member(s) with invitation letters may improve their chances of obtaining visa(s). However, there is no guarantee a visa will be issued.  The success of the applicant's request for a visa lies in their ability to prove that they will return to their home countries after the visit.

The invitation letter should be written by the person who is inviting them to the U.S., and that person should be you.  Your invitation letter should include the purpose of your family member(s)' visit, the relationship between you and your family member(s), a brief statement of your current status in the U.S., and your family member(s)' planned period of stay.  Download an invitation letter template (Microsoft Ward, 12KB) here.

The Office of International Programs (OIP) does not produce letters of invitation for the purpose of inviting students’ family members to visit the U.S. as the invitation letters from the university are not required by the U.S Consular Offices in order for family members to obtain visitor visas.

You can print the Enrollment Verification Letter at your online Student Center.

If you have applied for graduation and paid $100 application fee online, you can request a Graduation verification letter. The Graduation verification letter verifies your expected graduation date and the Commencement date. The letter also indicated that all family members are invited to the commencement. 

To obtain the letter, Undergraduate students should send a requestto SF State Registrar's Office, and Graduate students should contact Division of Graduate Studies at

Expenses in the U.S.
If your family members will be paying his or her own expenses in the United States, documents showing sufficient funds are currently available must be prepared to be presented to the interview officer.

No "immigration intent"
Similar to applying for F-1 Student visa, your family member(s) should show strong family ties between them and their home countries, and they will return to their home countries after visiting the U.S.  The examples of strong family ties are things that connect a person with his or her residence, including things such as owning a house, job, business, income, family and education . . . etc. prove that they will return to their home countries after the visit in the U.S.


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