Taking Classes at Another School

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) allows F1 students at SF State to take classes at both SF State and at another school at the same time which is known as Concurrent Enrollment.  Concurrent enrollment can only be granted by OIP. You will maintain your immigration status only if you complete the process.

General Requirements for Concurrent Enrollment

Students are required to be enrolled in a full-time course of study in the Spring and Fall semester.  You may satisfy the full-time requirement by enrolling and completing at least 12 units (Undergraduate) or 8 units (Graduate) at SF State, or. 

  Minimum number of units at SF State Maximum number of units from another school that can be applied to SF State to fulfill full time requirement Minimum number of total units
Undergraduate 9 units 3 units 12 units
Graduate 6 units 2 units 8 units
  • OIP does not require any of the following steps to be completed for winter/summer enrollment. If the other school needs proof that you are in active F-1 status and authorized to take courses at another school, you may submit this form for winter/summer.
  • If you wish to use outside units to satisfy your full-time enrollment, you must submit proof of enrollment and completion to OIP (see more instruction below).  OIP will approve your concurrent enrollment request as long as you are in valid F-1 status.  However, it still does not mean you are in full-time status in the semester your concurrent enrollment request is approved for.  You are required to provide OIP with both proof of enrollment and course completion (i.e. unofficial transcript) from another school in a timely manner.  Then, you would be considered satisfied with the full-time course load requirement.
  • If you are interested in transferring your units to SF State, undergraduate students must contact the transfer credit team at International Undergraduate Admissions (tcredit@sfsu.edu), and graduate students must contact Graduate Admissions (gradstudies@sfsu.edu).
  • Approval for concurrent enrollment is only good for the semester indicated on your concurrent enrollment request form.  If you wish to take classes at another school in a future Spring/Fall semester, you will need to complete this process again.
  • 4.5 Quarter units are equivalent to 3 Semester units.  Use the SF State Unit Converter Tool to calculate your units.

To Request Permission to Take Classes at Another School

Submit a completed and signed Concurrent Enrollment Request form   (PDF, 164KB) to f1@sfsu.edu from your SF State email address.  We accept digital signatures, scanned copies, and high resolution/clear pictures of the completed form.

Requests are processed within 1 business day (not including weekends and holidays).  

  • At the beginning of the semester: Provide evidence that you have successfully registered for the course(s) at another school. This can be a printout of your class schedule or class registration form.  These documents must be submitted to OIP within 2 weeks of the SF State semester start date.  You are not required to submit proof of enrollment for Summer and Winter session.
  • After the semester ends: Submit an unofficial copy of your transcript, indicating that you have completed the course(s) and maintained your full-time enrollment . This should be submitted to OIP within 2 weeks of the SF State semester end date. This process is solely to maintain your immigration status. You are not required to submit proof of enrollment for the Summer and Winter session.

To Attend Classes Through SF State College of Extended Learning

  • Undergraduates must be enrolled in at least 9 units (5 units for graduate students) of regular university coursework at SF State during the semester that they plan to take classes at the College of Extended Learning (CEL).
  • The class that you take at CEL must be offered for regular Academic Units, not Continuing Education Units (CEU).
  • No permission is necessary nor are any forms or signatures required.
  • F-1 students at SF State are not allowed to take classes via Open University.

To Attend Classes Outside SF State at other CSU or UC campuses

Cross Registration

Students who are required to take classes at another school due to Cross Registration must notify OIP before the semester starts.

Special Case

If the class you need is not offered at SF State, you must ask your Academic Advisor to write a letter explaining the reason you must take the class at another school and submit it to OIP.

Cross Registration and students with a special case must submit the following documents via e-maill f1@sfsu.edu to OIP:

  • Before the semester starts: Submit a copy of approved Cross Registration form, written proof of registration from another school, and a support letter from your Academic Advisor at SF State within 2 weeks of the semester start.
  • After the semester ends: Submit an unofficial transcript from the school where you took classes as soon as we contact you before the first day of the following semester at SF State.

Last updated: June 2020

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