Provide Emergency Contacts

F-1 International students must provide emergency contact at Student Center. The emergency contact could be in the U.S. or overseas.  Do not use yourself as your emergency contact.

Why should you provide emergency contact information to SF State:

An emergency contact can be a lifesaver in the event of all kinds of emergency. 

Who should be your emergency contact?

Your emergency contact should be someone who needs to be notified if something happen to you.  Your emergency contact should know you well personally.  Do not put yourself as your own emergency contact.
OIP recommend you to provide at least two emergency contacts at your online Student Center:
1st contact: This should be one of your family members in your home country.
2nd contact: This should be a back-up person in case the first contact cannot be reached.  The 2nd emergency can be either inside or outside the U.S., but he or she should be someone who could get in touch with your friends and family members.
Revisit your emergency contact every once a while and make necessary changes or updates.


Step 1: Logon to your Student Center.  Click “Emergency Contact” link.

Step 2: Click “Add An Emergency Contact” button.  

Step 3: Enter your emergency contact person's information (Full Name, relationship, address and phone number).

Click "SAVE" button when you are done - very important!


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