Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) - Graduate Students Only

What Is Full-Time Equivalency (FTE)?

Full Time Equivalency (FTE) is used for graduate students who
  • Have enrolled in their culminating experience course, or
  • Are in the the semester after they have enrolled in their culminating experience course (the "Grace semester")

This definition is for maintaining F-1 student immigration status only.

Who is Eligible?

An FTE may be granted in the following TWO circumstances:
  • You are in your final semester of course work and are enrolled in the one of the following Culminating Experience course(s):
890 - Culminating Experience Seminar 895 – Field Study/Applied Research Project
892 – Supervised Field Internship 896EX – Comprehensive Examination
893 – Written Creative Work 898 – Thesis
894 – Creative Work Project 998 – Dissertation
  • You have completed all coursework(s), received an RP grade for your Culminating Experience course, and are continuing working on Culminating Experience during the grace semester.  During the grace semester, you are considered a matriculated student and are eligible for all students support services.  However, additional fee may apply if you wish to use Student Health Services (SHS).

What Do You Need to Know

  • You should maintain frequent contact each semester with your faculty member and meet all timelines set forth in the Culminating Experience proposal document.
  • If you are not able to meet the timeline due to medical reason, you must inform your faculty advisor immediately.  You will also need to submit Reduced Course Load (RCL) due to medical condition to OIP before the current semester end date.  OIP cannot retroactively approve any RCL due to medical condition.  Failed to submit RCL due to medical condition will make you ineligible for another FTE or RCL due to completion of study.
  • You can travel in and out of the U.S. during the semesters that you are approved for FTE.  However, you are still required to meet the timeline for graduation.  You will not be eligible for another FTE or a RCL due to completion of study if your oversea trip caused delay of your graduation.

How to File FTE?

  1. Review the Full Time Equivalency (FTE) qualifications and download the Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) form  (PDF, 105KB).
  2. Reach out to Graduate Coordinator or one of your committee members to sign the form.
  3. Register in the Culminating Experience course or have received a RP grade for the Culminating Experience course in the previous semester.
  4. Clear the health insurance registration hold (including the grace semester):  You must purchase and maintain SF State sponsored health insurance for the entire semester
  5. Email the FTE form with signatures (your signature, major advisor signature) to f1@sfsu.edu from your SF State email address.  We accept digital signatures, scanned copies, and high resolution/clear pictures of the completed form.  You will receive a confirmation email from OIP within 5 business days.  See deadline to submit FTE.
Last updated: June 2020

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