Academic Standing and F-1 Status

Your academic standing at SF State could affect your F-1 status.  It is important for you to maintain good academic standing while studying full-time at SF State. 

Students will be placed on Academic Probation or Subject to Disqualification status when they are not in good academic standing. International students are considered in valid F-1 status while on Academic Probation or Subject to Disqualification as long as they are maintaining full-time enrollment.  However, students will lose F-1 benefits such as on-campus employment until they regain full-time in good academic standing.

Resources for Students on Academic Probation

Undergraduate Students: See Academic Probationon the Advising hub.

Graduate Students: See Probation and Mandatory Advising on Graduate Studies' website.

Academic Disqualification and Immigration Consequences:

If an international student is academically disqualified from SF State, he or she is no longer eligible to maintain F-1 status at SF State for the upcoming semester. The student must find another school to attend in the U.S. and receive a transfer I-20 from that school, or return to his or her home country.  Please make sure to speak to an Academic Advisor and an F-1 international student advisor at OIP to discuss your options.  See Transferring to Another School.

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