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OIPNEWS is the primary vehicle we use for distribution of very important information to the international student and scholar community at San Francisco State University (SF State). Started in 1994, OIPNEWS is a very powerful communication tool which we hope you will use during your stay at SF State!

OIPNEWS is intended to be a form of electronic communication for international students and scholars attending San Francisco State University (SF State). The Office of International Programs (OIP) at SF State uses OIPNEWS to provide weekly updates of activities, events, workshops, cultural & health and safety information, updates on critical information regarding the latest visa and immigration rules and regulations, overseas travel updates, reminders about important dates and deadlines, SF Bay Area activities and events, etc. as well as other newsworthy topics of special interest that we feel would be useful and informative to the international student and scholar community at SF State.

As a result of constantly changing immigration and visa regulations, staff at OIP feel that it is critically important for each and every international student & scholar to subscribe to OIPNEWS. These regulations are related to the Federal government's SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) Internet-based tracking system and dramatically change the way in which the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) collects data on international students & scholars and on how SF State reports this data to the U.S. government. The best way to keep informed and to understand your responsibilities under the new regulations is to subscribe to OIPNEWS!

Please note that this e-newsletter is for announcement purposes only. Only designated persons from the SF State Office of International Programs can post messages directly to OIPNEWS.

SF State student organizations or individuals that have an announcement that is of common interest to the international student and scholar community at SF State, please e-mail your message directly to us at oipnews@sfsu.edu or to the OIPNEWS editor, Mr. Jay Ward, Associate Director, Office of International Programs (jward@sfsu.edu). Announcements regarding upcoming academic, professional, cultural, social, religious, or recreational activities and events are welcomed, or announcements concerning timely issues that are of relevance to a substantial number of international students and scholars attending SF State. Such information may be posted to OIPNEWS for the benefit of those subscribed.

We hope that you will find our e-newsletter, OIPNEWS, to be interesting, informative and helpful as we continue in our efforts to keep you up-to-date on all issues of importance to international students and scholars at SF State. Any ideas which might help our effort to keep you informed would be most welcome. Just send them to us at oip@sfsu.edu and we will take your suggestions and ideas under consideration. We hope that you enjoy and learn from reading each issue of OIPNEWS which comes to you this semester.

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OIPNEWS is an electronic newsletter which is used by the Office of International Programs to keep current SF State international students up-to-date and well-informed about important news and events.

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All issues of OIPNEWSare automatically archived each week. To access an archived copy of a previous issue of OIPNEWS please click on the “Archive Bar” toolbar that displays across the top of the each issue of OIPNEWS. To access the “Archive Bar,” click on the “View It In Your Browser” link at the top of each issue of OIPNEWS.  Then click on the “Past Issues” link.  From there, you can share “OIPNEWS” on social networks, translate it into your preferred language, view past issues, and more.  In this manner, you'll never miss an important message that may have been posted to OIPNEWS!


The information contained herein is intended for the international student and scholar community at San Francisco State University. However, permission is granted to distribute this information to others as long as the content remains unchanged.  The views expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinion, views, or policy of San Francisco State University or the Office of International Programs, unless otherwise noted.