OIP Staff

Name Phone Email
Mr. Izy Alilin
International Student Outreach Advisor
415-405-4254 ialilin@sfsu.edu
Mr. Koichiro Aoshima
Assistant Director, International Student Services & Outreach and DSO
415-405-3512 ko@sfsu.edu
Ms. Isabel Chou
Coordinator, International Student Services & DSO
415-405-3931 f1@sfsu.edu
Mr. Geoff Fattig
Study Abroad Advisor
415-338-1362 gfattig@sfsu.edu
Ms. Lillian Ferris
International Exchange Student Advisor
415-405-4256 exchange@sfsu.edu
Ms. Michelle Hong
Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Division of International Education
415-405-3930 mihong@sfsu.edu
Dr. Marilyn Jackson
415-338-3317 mjackson@sfsu.edu
Mr. Noah Kuchins
Assistant Director
415-405-3735 noahk@sfsu.edu
Ms. Danielle Pattee
Study Abroad Advisor; CSU IP Coordinator
415-405-4257 dpattee@sfsu.edu
Ms. Yuka Sakata
International Student Advisor
SEVIS Support Coordinator & PDSO
415-338.1293 f1@sfsu.edu
Ms. Lena Song
Office Manager
415-338-7846 lsong@sfsu.edu
Dr. Alaric Trousdale
Lead Exchange Student & Scholar Officer & ARO
415-338-6757 alarictrousdale@sfsu.edu
Ms. Cynthia Ugarte
Administrative Coordinator
415-405-3933 cmugarte@sfsu.edu
Mr. Florentino M. Ubungen
International Outreach Advisor
415-405-4258 fubungen@sfsu.edu
Dr. Janelle C Waldrep
Study Abroad Advisor
415-405-4253  waldrep@sfsu.edu
Ms. Mei-Ling Wang
Assistant Director, International Student Advising & DSO
415-405.4115 f1@sfsu.edu
Mr. Jay Ward
Associate Director
415-338-1121 jward@sfsu.edu
Mr. Jiaxin Xie
Special Assistant for the Chinese Language and Culture Programs
415-405-2868 jiaxinx@sfsu.edu
Dr. Yenbo Wu
Associate Vice President, Division of International Education
415-405-3930 ywu@sfsu.edu