#SFStateAbroad Instagram Photo Contest

SF State students participating in an SF State Abroad program (SF State Exchange, SF State Flagship, or IP) may submit their photos on Instagram using #SFStateAbroad. The semester winners will be selected from the nominees of the monthly themes throughout the semester. Follow us on Instagram to see all the amazing photos! The #SFStateAbroad Photo Contest for spring 2018 is open! Start posting. Be sure to consider contest themes and any special month'y focuses.

Contest Themes:

  • University Abroad (campus life, housing, activities)
  • SF State Clothing Abroad
  • You and Friends Abroad
  • Being a Tourist (both in your host town/city and country as well as travels abroad)

Spring semester contest will close April 30th.

Spring 2018 Semester Photo Contest!

January 2017

Cameron Freeman in Madrid, Spain

Cameron Freeman in Madrid, Spain is our monthly pick for January 2018.

February 2018

Coming soon.

March 2018

Coming soon.

April 2018

Coming soon.


Fall 2017 Semester Photo Contest!

Eleanor Ehler is our Fall 2017 semester winner with her photo hiking in Mexico.

September 2017

Ethena's photo is monthly pick for her "Learn! 'Without Knowledge the People Perish'"

October 2017

The theme for the month is food!

Cameron Freeman is our favorite for October's theme of Food Abroad with his Spanish Empanadas from Madrid.

Eleanor Ehlert is our second monthly pick for her hike with friends in Mexico.

November 2017

The theme for the month is nature!

Amanda Peralta is our favoriate for November's theme of Natural Beauty Abroad with her photo of the changing season in Vienna

Additionally, Amanada is also our pick for the catagory of being a tourist abroad for trip to Galway.

For the catagory of "You and Friends Abroad," shout out to Darian Gemora for his photo in Spain.

December/early January 2017

Student on the Great Wall

Skye on the Great Wall, we are enjoying her being a tourist.

Australia Votes Yes, happy crowd

Blythe in the country when "Australia Said Yes!"

Swinburne university sign

Melissa is showcasing her school, Swinburne University of Technology, great picture of university life abroad.

Amanda and mother in front of the Louvre in Paris

Amanda in Paris at the Musée du Louvre


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