Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs are offered to assist  some of your important questions so that you can proceed with your next steps to study abroad.

  • No, you can only apply to one study abroad program but you may list a second-choice within the same application for the same program type. The database will only allow you to submit one application per term.
  • All of our programs are SF State Abroad. Within SF State Abroad, there are two types of study abroad programs: CSU IP and SF State Exchange. On both, you can use your Financial Aid, earn resident credit and pay the same tuition. There are very few differences between the two and the only difference is the administrative process and which app to complete.
  • You must complete two applications to be considered for a CSU IP program. First, apply to the CSU IP portal for your program. Additionally, you must complete a short intake form on the SF State Abroad Database
  • It is not required to speak to any advisor to apply for any CSU IP program. However, if you have any questions the SF State Abroad team is happy to speak with you during advising hours  and/or via email at You may also sign up for advising with CSU IP’s advising team.
  • You may only submit one application per term. If you would like a second-choice, please indicate in your first choice application your second choice program. You cannot apply to both CSU IP and SF State Exchange.
  • Yes, your financial aid goes with you when you study abroad. Any accepted loans, grants, or scholarships (study abroad or non-study abroad) are applicable.
  • Yes, you may take one online course while abroad per semester. Please make sure that one online course you are taking at SF State is not available at your host institution. The units for this online class is on top of the full-time units required of your abroad.
  • All students may request to take one class credit/ no credit while studying abroad. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the course can be taken for credit if it is trying to fulfill the requirement. Students may not take more than one credit / no credit without special permission from SF State Abroad. 

First students should confirm which program type they are participating in - either Sf State Exchange or CSU IP.

  • For SF State Exchange only: students should reference the following website as a guideline. 
  • CSU IP: please refer to the academic bulletin for your program.
  • Yes! Transfer students are encouraged to apply to SFSU and SF State Abroad. Students should pay attention to eligibility requirement, as there are a couple programs for students to take into consideration.
  • SF State students may study abroad for up to 2 years or 4 semesters! 
  • Yes, SF state students can study abroad for up to two years or 4 semesters. This can be done with the same programs or different programs.
  • Yes! VA can study abroad. For more information please refer to the link here. Please be sure to speak with the veterans office. 
  • Yes, we work to send DACA students abroad. DACA students are encouraged to work with SF State advisors and DREAM advisors on campus. For more information, please check out our website
  • Yes! Students can go abroad during their final semester, as long as they are a student at SF State. Students are encouraged to pay extra attention to their degree requirements when selecting a program in order to complete their degree. After identifying a program, students should meet with their academic advisor early in the process to go over potential study abroad courses. 
  • Contact a Study Abroad Advisor to discuss the situation. Either through advising through zoom or via email at We understand things may change and it might be we want to work with students to find the right time to go abroad. Complete a one page withdrawal form.
  • If you need to withdraw from any program and communicate with an advisor they will be happy to work with you in the future and send you abroad. Will not impact future applications provided you communicate in a timely manner with your study abroad advisor(s) and follow the correct withdrawal process.
  • The Office of International Programs and SF State Abroad only work with direct bilateral exchanges programs and with the system-wide California State University International Programs (CSU IP), which can be found in the SF State Abroad Database. These are the only forms of certified study abroad offered as part of SF State’s regular academic program. Our office cannot collaborate with, or advise on, any other programs or services. More information can be found here.