DPRC Students Studying Abroad

Students with disabilities can and do study abroad at SF State. The SF State Abroad program collaborates closely with the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) on campus to offer accessible programs abroad for SF State students with disabilities.

All students registered with DPRC, who are eligible for on-campus accommodation, are eligible for accommodation on an SF State Abroad program when it can be arranged. Please meet with your DPRC advisor to ensure that your accommodation form is current.

Steps to getting started:

  1. Attend an SF State Abroad Information meeting. To request disability accommodation for the meeting, please contact Study Abroad at (415) 338-1293 or studyabroad@sfsu.edu at least one week prior to an event or meeting.
  2. Consider when to meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss resources available abroad, which vary by institution and country. The key to any study abroad participation is flexibility and early planning.

When to disclose a disability or make an accommodation request for a program:

  1. Disclose your disability needs to a study abroad advisor early, so appropriate arrangements and reasonable accommodation can be made in advance. It is not required to meet with a study abroad advisor or disclose any accommodation needs prior to selection; however, it can be helpful in identifying a program that fits your needs and to make arrangements if you come in early in the process.
  2. Accommodation requests must be made before departure, at least one month prior. Please authorize the DPRC Office to share your Reasonable Accommodation Verification Form with the SF State Abroad Office.

Accommodation Abroad Resources.