Identity While Studying Abroad

SF State Abroad is committed to inclusion and equity in supporting all degree-seeking students to study abroad. As you begin thinking about where you might study abroad, take a few minutes to consider your identity.

We are is a constellation of identities, some of which are visible and others we have the option of disclosing or not (e.g. friend, sister, Black, Jewish, queer, transfer student, Californian, American, etc.). How you identify yourself may vary based upon context. Your identity (both what you share and aspects that are apparent) will shape your study abroad experience and how you are perceived. 

Additionally, because no one knows you, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself and potentially share new parts or discover new aspects of who you are. 

You will also have a certain amount of privilege. While you may not feel privilege now, being abroad and representing the United States, California, the Bay Area, San Francisco State University comes with privilege and opportunities you might not have otherwise. People may open their homes and share with you in ways that they might not if you were not studying abroad.