Metro Academy & Study Abroad

SF State Abroad fits well with students who are a part of the Metro Academy Program. Metro offers students excellent support on campus for the first two years preparing students for completing college. Therefore, it is recommended that Metro students utilize the resources of SF State Abroad and Metro to plan and research study abroad programs for their junior and seniors years. Students then benefit from Metro's support for the first half and then the Office of International Programs for their preparation to go overseas, while abroad, and as they return.

Recommended Timeline:

  • Freshman: participate in Metro and attend a study abroad information meeting to select a program
  • Sophomore: continue in Metro and begin applying to study abroad
  • Junior/Senior: study abroad!

Since Metro students study abroad as a junior or senior, students can focus on their major, minor, upper-division general education, and language learning while abroad. Early planning is key if determining which classes you will take at SF State and which ones would be better taken abroad. 

Applying to study abroad:

1) Attend an information meeting! Don't wait. We like working with you even if it might be two years before you go abroad. 

2) Renew or apply for your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your program. If you have a passport as a transgender person, please note that you can change the sex listed on your passport.

3) Select an academic goal for study abroad: your major/minor, upper-division general education requirements, and/or to learn/improve another language. 

4) Research programs. 

5) If you have additional questions or concerns, please speak with a Study Abroad Advisor during drop-in advising hours. Advisors can be reached while applying and when you are abroad.

6) Don't forget to apply for scholarships. Some may have deadlines a year in advance of the program's start date. 

We look forward to working with you and seeing you at our next information meeting to begin your journey.