International Education Exchange Council (IEEC)

The International Education Exchange Council (IEEC) is an SF State student organization dedicated to intercultural exchange.  As SF State's largest student organization, the IEEC hosts hundreds of events each year that connect J-1 exchange students studying at SF State with U.S. students and other international students who want to share their cultural perspectives. From Language Exchange in the library to the annual Halloween party, the IEEC has something for everyone.

IEEC is first and foremost a service organization and maintains strong ties with the SF State Office of International Programs (OIP). IEEC aids OIP in the promotion and implementation of a variety of international education events, including the International Student Orientation, Study Abroad Fair, and International Education Week.

“The beautiful thing about the IEEC is we are constantly
evolving to push the organization forward. There is no limit to
where it can go.”
Linda Nguyen
San Francisco State University, USA

Service Commitments

As part of the exchange program, all exchange students contribute to IEEC through one of the following service commitments:


Being an Officer is the most active role students can take as members in the IEEC. Officers gain valuable leadership skills and the opportunity to work and collaborate across cultural lines on various committees; a valued experience in almost any job environment.

Country Ambassador

Country Ambassadors serve as representatives from the various exchange partner universities at events and provide support to the Office of International Programs. They also organize their fellow students for their respective “Country Tables” at Study Abroad Fairs. Country ambassadors also promote IEEC and study abroad activities through weekly tabling outside the Cesar Chavez Student Center.

Language Exchange

J-1 exchange students, whose native language is not English will have the opportunity to participate in the Language Exchange Program. J-1s will be assigned SF State students who are interested in learning a foreign language for a minimum of one hour a week.


The IEEC promotes study abroad programs and IEEC events weekly. Part of its publicity outreach consists of J-1s who help put up posters and hand out flyers weekly around the campus to create better awareness.


Bloggers promote international education by contributing the IEEC blog. By sharing their experiences and thoughts about the exchange program, they help future exchange students prepare for life at SF State.

Special Contribution

Students who have a special skill may use their talent as their contribution to IEEC. In the past graphic and web designers have helped promote the IEEC, musicians and dancers have provided entertainment at events and some students have taught classes in their respective skills.


“Joining the IEEC is the best way for an international student to
build lasting friendships and experience the best of America.”
Michael Staples
Brunel University, England, UK

Learn More

Browse the IEEC Instagram or join IEEC Facebook group for the latest updates and ways to get involved.


IEEC website



Contact IEEC


Address: Cesar Chavez Student Center Room T-125, 1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco CA 94132

Phone: 1 (415) 405 0743


Last updated: September 2021

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