Taking Classes at Another School (Concurrent Enrollment)

Concurrent Enrollment is when F-1 international students plan to enroll in a course at another Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified institution while they are enrolled in a regular (Fall or Spring) semester at SF State.

General Information

F-1 international students may enroll in a course at another SEVP-certified institution and transfer the units to SF State. Students are responsible for confirming that the course they enrolled in at another institution is transferable and can be counted toward their degree requirements.

The units taken at another institution can also be counted toward the full-time requirement, but students must enroll in at least 9 units (undergraduate) or 6 units (graduate). See below:






9 units

3 units

12 units


6 units

2 units

8 units

4.5 quarter units are equivalent to 3 semester units.  Use the SF State Unit Converter Tool to calculate units.

Students can also enroll in a class at another school for personal enrichment if they meet the full-time requirement.

  • Must meet in-person/hybrid course requirements: Undergraduate students must meet in-person/hybrid course requirements: Students must enroll in a minimum of 12 units to be considered full-time, of which at least 9 units must be in-person/hybrid. For graduate students, enrollment in a minimum of 8 units is required to be considered full-time, with at least 5 units in-person/hybrid. 

    • For example. if an undergraduate student is enrolled in 9 units at SF State, including a 3-unit fully online class, the 3 units taken at another school must be an in-person or hybrid class.
  • Final course: If students only have one class left for graduation, they must take that class at SF State. Concurrent enrollment is not allowed.
  • Provide proof of enrollment and completion: After receiving approval, students must take the following actions:
    • Within two (2) weeks of the SF State semester start date:

      • Email proof of enrollment to f1@sfsu.edu.
      • The proof must include the student’s full name, semester information, course title, course modality (online, in-person, or hybrid), and number of units.
      • Acceptable proof includes an unofficial transcript, enrollment verification from another school, or screenshots of students’ online enrollment portal from another school.
    • Within two (2) weeks of the SF State grade posting date:
      • Email proof of completion to f1@sfsu.edu.
      • Acceptable proof includes an unofficial transcript or screenshots of students’ online enrollment portal from another school showing a final letter grade.
      • Acceptable grades are A, B, C, D, F, CR/NC, or Pass/Fail.
      • The proof must include the student’s full name, semester information, course title, course modality (online, in-person, or hybrid), and number of units.
  • Dropping classes from another school: Students must email f1@sfsu.edu if they decide to drop a class at another school, especially if they are using the units to satisfy the full-time requirement.
  • Transfer credits to SF State:
    • Students must request official transcripts to be sent to SF State.
    • For questions, undergraduate students should contact the transfer credit team at International Undergraduate Admissions (tcredit@sfsu.edu), and graduate students should contact the Division of Graduate Studies (gradstudies@sfsu.edu).

F-1 international students should submit a concurrent enrollment request if they plan to:

  • Use credits from another institution to fulfill the F-1 full-time requirement.
  • Pursue concurrent enrollment in both Spring and Fall while taking less than a full-time course load at SF State.
  • Require permission from international student advisors at SF State for enrollment at another school.
  • Pursue Cross Registration at other CSU or UC campuses.
  • Have special cases.
  • Students who plan to pursue concurrent enrollment in summer or winter sessions.
  • Students who are already enrolled in a full-time course load (a minimum of 12 units for undergraduate and a minimum of 8 units for graduate) but intend to take additional course(s) at another institution for academic or personal reasons.
  • Students who plan to enroll in academic courses offered by the College of Professional & Global Education (not Open University).
  • Review the information above. Download the Concurrent Enrollment Request Form (PDF, 159KB).
  • Read and sign the concurrent enrollment request form.
  • Submit the request: Email the signed form to f1@sfsu.edu from the student's SF State email address. We accept digital signatures, scanned copies, and high-resolution/clear pictures of the completed form.
  • Wait for approval: Students will receive a confirmation email within ONE (1) business day.

Last updated: January 2024

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